Chocolate… like wine, has a rich passionate history with an awe-inspiring variety of flavors, textures and complexity. To fully understand the complexity of chocolate, it takes someone that has a passion for confectionery.

Port Townsend Chocolate Company is a true family enterprise. In 2002 Lynn Hamlin-LeMaster and Bill LeMaster purchased a deli and coffee shop and with it Port Townsend Chocolate Company. Lynn and Bill raised their children while building a community staple. While Bill let his passions grow in the kitchen Lynn immersed herself in all things chocolate. Lynn took it upon herself to learn every nuance of creating the most sensuous chocolate in the Pacific Northwest. Lynn fell in love with the complete process of creating product.  The beauty of perfectly tempered chocolate appealed to her innovative nature. Her wacky scientist personality flourished in the combining of ingredients for new flavors and product. The fact that each piece is crafted again and again until it is ready for display and purchase fills the creative part of her life.

Lynn has a desire to uphold and expand the tradition of chocolate making on the Quimper Peninsula with a business she can grow which includes the community.  She is a true craftswoman, with her creation of tantalizing truffles, fabulous fudge, colossus coconut clusters, confounding caramel, bafflingly good chocolate bars, cordial cookies, magical mocha sauce, chocolate coated treats and magnetic molded characters... there is plenty of amazing chocolate for you to choose from.


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